October 26, 2009

Venue? Check!

Posted in Planning, Reception at 5:42 pm by Andrea

For the last, oh, long time, when I’ve thought about my wedding I’ve thought “intimate,” “not too big,” “just our closest friends and family members,” “no more than 125 people.”  Right. Not so much.

So here’s the deal: I have four parents. Most people have two. Not this lucky ducky! Yes, four parents, and with four parents come four families. Did I mention that one of those four families includes six step-siblings, all of whom have partners and kids? The Guy is one of four children and all his three sisters have spouses and kids as well. You see where this is going, right? 125 just wasn’t going to cut it. Ask me right now where our guest list currently stands. Go ahead, ask. One hundred and ninety-two. 192! GAH! This is truly what we get when we invite only our closest family members and friends. Nothing superfluous.

So, venue hunting was limited by that.

Venue hunting was also limited by the fact that we’re picky. We like nice things. We like things that are reflective of us. We do not like banquet halls. They just aren’t what we had in mind. Way to have a million criteria, huh?

Our first choice was the lovely Inn on the Twenty, which would be coupled with a ceremony at the Cave Spring Vineyard.

Inn on the Twenty has a very pretty dining space that overlooks beautiful trees, which would have been perfect for our fall wedding:



The ceremony area in the vineyard looks STUNNING, and so very us:



So, you can imagine how we felt when we discovered that the reception space holds a maximum of 140 guest. Cross that one off the list (with a sigh).

We searched long and hard. I called a bunch of other vineyards in wine country, and no luck. Most other places I called (that I was only lukewarm on to begin with) were already booked.

We visited two other venues, but I already knew which one I wanted.

Venue 1: Copetown Woods Golf and Country Club



It was very nice, but it just wasn’t us. It had a bit of a country aesthetic, whereas we’re more modern/elegant. It also had the dance floor in the same room as the meal, which would have required some tables to be placed on the dance floor and then moved later in the evening, and that was something that we’d wanted to avoid.

Venue 2: Hamilton Golf and Country Club



HGCC is the club at which my stepdad has been a member for as long as I can remember. We’ve been going there for family dinners my whole life. My Matron of Honour and I, along with our mums, attended countless Christmas parties there when we were kids and we have tons of photos of us standing in front of the massive Christmas tree they place inside the Great Hall every holiday season. All that to say, this place is special to me and full of memories. It also just underwent a huge renovation, so is a perfect mix of modern and elegant — exactly the look we were hoping for. So, it’s booked!

Our dinner will be held in the dining area, and there’s a separate room (the Great Hall) for cocktails and, later on in the evening, dancing and the dessert table. We couldn’t be happier with our choice and can’t wait to attend the tasting!

Just to give you an idea of the room in which our dinner will be held:



The space is on the second floor, so has a view from above. There are three walls of floor to ceiling windows — should make for spectacular scenery for our October wedding!



  1. Kirsty Jones said,

    I hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment but I was just surfing the net looking for ‘my dress’ and there you are in it! I’m having Medina too- you look amazing in it by the way. I’m from the UK and get married in July next year. Really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Good luck with your planning.
    Kirsty x

  2. […] was really only one venue we were truly interested in that could actually accommodate the 200-ish people we anticipated would […]

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