October 29, 2009

You gotta have faith..

Posted in Ceremony at 1:56 pm by Andrea

Gotta love George Michael for that fancy little tidbit of wisdom!

So, I headed over to Weddingbee this morning for my first of a few visits each day (okay, who am I kidding? By “a few” I obviously mean a kajillion) and stumbled across Miss Pretzel’s post about how she met Mr. Pretzel, and that it was their shared faith that really brought them together in the beginning. It made me think about The Guy and me and the fact that we also share a faith. Sounds simple, right? It’s not.

The Guy and I are both Catholic. We were both raised in the Church. In fact, The Guy even went to a Catholic elementary school. And The Guy’s mum is very involved in the Church to this day*. Neither of us feels a connection to the Church though. For him, it’s just because. For me, it’s due to personal** reasons and beliefs.

We are both believers. I pray regularly. I have faith. But my desire to get married in a different church has been made clear to The Guy from day one. So, the same day we found our reception venue, we went church-searching as well. We ended up at the United church in my hometown, and I immediately knew it was the place.


St. "The Guy's first name" Church

We’ve attended a couple other weddings in the United church, and I’ve done a good amount of research into United beliefs and they very much align with our own. This is a place where I feel comfortable making the most important vows of my life. This is a place that I feel is inclusive and open-minded enough to be a good representation of us. This is the right place.

We meet with the Minister next Sunday after attending a church service. I’m really looking forward to the meeting and to learning even more about the United church at the service.

To me, the ceremony is the most important part of the day, so finding a church that would let us be us was high on my list of priorities, and I think I can now confidently check it off my to do list!

*Because of The Guy’s mum’s involvement in the Catholic Church,  I was very, very concerned about my strong desire to not get married in the Church. She’s been great about it. She still occasionally asks why we made that decision, but overall she’s very supportive and I’m truly lucky to be marrying into such a wonderful family!

**I really want to stress that this is entirely personal. I totally respect people of any and all faiths and my beliefs/feelings are no in way meant to reflect my feelings towards others. This is just about my personal experience with religion.


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