November 3, 2009

Hurry up! …….and wait

Posted in General wedding, Planning at 11:25 pm by Andrea

I don’t know if any other brides feel this way, but I feel like I’m in limbo, planning purgatory, if you will. We got engaged about a month ago, and in the intervening weeks we’ve booked the church, the reception venue and the photographer. I don’t know what else to do right now. And it’s driving me CRAZY!

I’ve been spending copious amounts of time on TripAdvisor looking at potential honeymoon destinations (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Antigua, Nevis, St. Martin…we can’t decide), but we’re not ready to book that yet, because we aren’t 100% sure on what our honeymoon budget will be/how much time we’re going to be able to take off. Not that that stops me from dreaming about kicking back at the Hermitage Bay in Antigua (my current front runner).

*le sigh*



So, with honeymoons off the table, I turn my attention to flowers. I am currently focusing on two floral designers who look AMAZING: My Bouquet and Vintage Floral Design Co., but is that a littler premature? How soon before the wedding are you supposed to start working with a florist? I feel like it’s too soon. Yes? No?

So then I start thinking about invitations. I am obsessed with paper, particularly letterpress, and have been bookmarking various letterpress designers for longer than I care to admit. So, of course since the engagement, I’ve been revisiting my favourite sites and really trying to narrow it down. Bella Figura? Ephemera Press? Or this great vendor I found on Etsy? Oh, but wait, I can’t really order invites until our guest list is for sure finalized, which it currently is not. Hmph. Okay then.

Is this normal? Should I be a busier bride-to-be than I am? I don’t have any overdue items on my checklist over on The Knot.

Oh well, the next big task on my to do list is a very exciting one: the dress search starts in December!

Until then, maybe I should take up a new hobby. Knitting? Needlepoint? Crocheting? No, I think I’ll just stick to obsessive web-surfing and idea collecting so that when it is time for me to make all those decisions I’m more prepared (or confused) than ever!



  1. bluebutterfly10 said,

    Hey there,

    I am feeling like I need to get stuff done, but feel like I don’t have much to do right now either. I am planning our 9.25.10 wedding and am super excited to get things checked off my list.


    I found your blog via WB and decided to stop on by…feel free to check mine out too!

  2. Andrea said,

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll definitely check out your blog as well!

  3. Ghenet said,

    I got engaged in February 2009 and am getting married in October 2010 (I found you through the WB board!) so I’ve definitely been feeling the same way. Luckily I have grad school and other things to keep my mind occupied!

  4. […] Before the holiday season. Before my wedding planning was even in full swing. There was a time when I felt I was too early in the wedding-planning process to be of much use. So I spent my time daydreaming about honeymoons and not knowing what would come […]

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