November 30, 2009

Wedding Centrality Syndrome

Posted in General wedding at 3:12 pm by Andrea

Your wedding plans sound really interesting to you

What is it exactly that happens the moment that shiny, sparkly engagement ring on your finger that seems to cause the world to believe that the only possible thing that could be on your mind for the next 12 months is your wedding? I have been trying so hard to resist being “that girl,” the one who talks non-stop about dresses and fondant and card boxes, and I have been succeeding on the outside at least, but based on my dreams of this past week, my subconscious has fallen prey to the ubiquitous Wedding Centrality Syndrome (my name for the condition that seems to make so many brides think that the issue of utmost importance is not stopping nuclear proliferation in Iran or ensuring that the world economy gets back on track, but rather that the lavender tablecloths are a perfect match to the lavender bridesmaid dresses).

Yes, last week I had the first two (that I can remember at least) wedding dreams/nightmares. The first involved a reception sans music, groom (although we had gotten married, he just somehow hadn’t made it to the reception) and wedding party. So it was pretty much just my family and me standing around in total silence. The second dream involved time fast forwarding 11 months to the week of the wedding. The fast forwarding meant that I hadn’t done any planning other than what I currently have done (church, reception venue and photographer booked), so the wedding was very sparse (and I was HUGELY disappointed) to say the least.

It’s funny, I make every effort in “real life” to not be overly bride-y. I don’t talk about anything wedding-related unless asked, I try to fill my time with much more than comparing bridesmaid gowns and wedding blogs, and yet my subconscious is still plagued by WCS.

Anyone else experiencing involuntary WCS? What are you solutions to keep it at bay?



  1. Ghenet said,

    I go through phases…luckily I have graduate school to distract me from total “WCS”!

  2. ashinwi said,

    Yep, I fall prey to WCS sometimes. Like Ghenet above, grad school sure helps to distract me, but I also try to get my brain involved in something else (details for the holidays, a new TV show). But sometimes nothing works, and I can’t help but stress about dresses and decorations and silly, silly stuff!

  3. Sara said,

    I was completely wedding obsessed for months before the wedding. Like you, I didn’t want to be that girl that couldn’t shut up about it. But it was so hard! I wanted to talk to someone! The boards on Weddingbee helped a lot. It was an anonymous place where I could chat my heart out about weddings. And I made sure to spend quality time with my SIL who was also planning a wedding and felt the same way. When we were together we could talk non-stop about our weddings for days! It’s good to have an outlet.

  4. Rosanna said,

    Me me me!!! I’ve always been an absolute tomboy with a fetish for everything related to the 40s. I too think that my granma would approve of my gown btw. When is your wedding date? If you want somebody to chat with who is nearly as obsessed as you, just send me a message 🙂 I also blog about my struggles… it does help with all the venting ;;)

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