January 7, 2010

Happy 2010!

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:43 pm by Andrea

Oh my gosh! So I had all these grand plans to do tons of blogging over the holidays. Want to know what happened instead? I sat on the couch. I watched When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail and Miracle on 34th Street….and then I sat some more. It was just so nice to have 12 straight days without work and I gave into temptation. It was indulgent and so wonderful. There was one day when The Guy and I sat and watched almost the whole last season of West Wing without moving. It was glorious.

This year over the holidays we were fortunate to have a lot of down time at home. That has not always been the case though. I often think to myself that the holidays must cause the dissolution of so many relationships. All those emotions and traditions that are tied to the holidays…it’s hard to compromise on those when a significant other comes into your life.

We’ve finally developed a system, but I remember our second Christmas together (our first Christmas we had just started dating, so it doesn’t really count). There were a lot of arguments. I have two sets of parents, so visiting both sets as well as The Guy’s family makes things quite busy. Not to mention that my parents live about an hour and a half from where we, and most of The Guy’s family, live. Anyhow, yes, that second Christmas together we had Christmas with The Guy’s family, Christmas with my mum’s family and then my dad’s family and then we got a call from my dad that he and my stepmum were planning to host another Christmas with my Godparents. That’s when The Guy got angry. He said he already had enough Christmases planned and he refused to attend another out-of-town dinner. I was very upset. There were tears. There were raised voices. It wasn’t pretty. And I went to the dinner with my Godparents without The Guy.

Somehow though, over the intervening years (we just celebrated our fifth Christmas together) things have fallen into a good routine. We always attend Christmas Eve at The Guy’s parents’ house (it’s a longstanding tradition). Then we rotate Christmas Day and Boxing Day between his family and my family. We try to ensure that while we’re out of town visiting my family we are able to fit in both my mum’s and dad’s family so that we don’t need to travel back and forth several times over the holidays. This year, in order to accommodate all of the above we had our own Christmas on Christmas Eve after we got home from The Guy’s parents’ house. It was quiet and romantic. I’m so grateful that we’ve found a way to incorporate all our traditions into the holiday season, and peacefully at that.

Have you and your partner been able to take part in both your families’ holiday traditions? How do you manage it?

Happy New Year!


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