January 18, 2010

Something blue

Posted in Attire, Planning at 6:23 pm by Andrea

Life has been busy and wedding planning has been pushed a little bit to the side. Nonetheless, decisions do continue to be made. I’m going to write posts on those in the coming days. Stay tuned in the coming days to hear more about honeymoon plans, how I gave into one of the biggest current wedding trends and my mother’s random, wedding-related panic attacks!

For now though, let’s talk about that thing that us girls can never get enough of. The topic that we just can’t chase out of our minds. That ridiculous temptation that haunts us throughout the day. Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about shoes.

My shoes will be my something blue. Do not get me started on my mother’s reaction to this not so revolutionary idea. Colourful shoes are all the rage, right? All of us who frequent wedding sites and blogs know that to be the case. My mother, shockingly enough, does not follow said sites. So when I broke the news to her she kind of flipped. It was very amusing. “What do you mean you want blue shoes?! How can you have blue shoes? Your dress is ivory. I don’t understand!” After explanation about the trend and the fact that no one actually sees your shoes (not to mention that blue shoes are about 10,000 times more rewearable than something in ivory satin) she has come around. She still thinks I’m mildly insane though.

So, I’ve been browsing for shoes for a little while. I had a very specific shade of blue in mind (something teal-ish) and I need a fairly low heel height. I’m 5’10” and, as much as I really do enjoy being tall, with 4″ heels I would be somewhat Amazonian…and The Guy is only 5’11”. I don’t mind being a little taller than him, but there’s no need to tower! But yes, all that to say that my criteria make the search for the perfect shoe a little tricky.

I found the following back in December and have an exclamatory note about it in my Delicious bookmarks:


Obviously the idea with the above was to have them dyed, but that seemed a little daunting in terms of ensuring they came out the correct colour.

So last night I was tooling around on endless.com and came across the following two shoes:



Obviously the above are more navy than teal, but I really do heart them and think navy could look lovely with my classic dress (navy being a totally classic colour, no? Well, except when it’s dowdy, but these don’t look dowdy). The trouble is, I can’t decide between the two styles. I think they both look lovely and classic. Yesterday I was totally sold on navy shoe #1, but today I’m leaning toward navy shoe number two.

What say you?

And, what’s your something blue?



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