January 24, 2010


Posted in Attire at 2:00 am by Andrea

No, this post is not about the fact that I not-so-secretly want The Guy to promise in his wedding vows that we can hire a maid (he is an insane neat freak, but that is a whole other post!). Rather, it’s about the bridesmaid dresses.

We have a bit of a unique set-up for our wedding party: The Guy has a Best Man, two groomsman and a “groomswoman,” while I have a Matron of Honour, two bridesmaids and a “bridesman.” The bridesman will wear the same tux/tie combo as the groomsmen (still to be determined) and the groomswoman will wear a dress from the selection I have chosen for our bridesmaids/the MOH.

So, I’ve known for a loooonnng time that I didn’t want to try to do a “one dress fits all” solution for my ladies. I’m all about being an easy-going bride, and it only seemed right to let the girls choose their own dresses. Turns out, this is not a straight forward as I originally thought (original thought: tell all the girls to buy a dress in chocolate brown /end thought). Yeah, that got vetoed fairly quickly by my mother who, already horrified enough at the idea of *gasp* different dresses, simply could not come to terms with the fact that the shades of brown might not match *faint of horror*. (This reminds me of when I used to work at lululemon and women would regularly come back to complain that their black pants didn’t match their black tanks/jackets/hoodies…best not to go down that path though, as there are a lot more stories where that one comes from!). So, we settled on me choosing a specific line and a specific fabric and then letting the girls choose from those. Easy peesy, no? Um, NO!

I started out thinking we’d just go with J.Crew, no muss, no fuss. But I ended up not being entirely thrilled with the options available there. So, I thought I’d explore just a couple other lines and surely I would settle on something fairly quickly. That was in November. I settled on something, finally, tonight…and it is almost February. (Sidenote: earlier this evening, while still wrapped up in the world of bridesmaid dress confusion I call my mum and suggested that she might want to sit down for this…but I was thinking of offering the option of different LENGTHS for the bridesmaid dresses. This suggestion did not go over well; she gasped louder than she did when I told her I wasn’t wearing ivory shoes with my ivory dress)..

Anyhow, in the name of preventing my mother from going into cardiac arrest, I sat down and made a list of dress options that I should have available to the girls (e.g. strapless fitted, strapless a-line, straps etc.). And I finalized (I think…they haven’t yet received mother approval…or bridesmaid approval, for that matter) the dress options.

So, before I babble any further, why don’t I just show you the photos? All the dresses are from the Jim Hjelm Occasions line and will be in chocolate, satin-faced taffeta.

Strapless fitted:

Strapless a-line:

Dress with straps:

Special snowflake #1:

Special snowflake #2:

Special snowflakes #3:

I can’t even tell you how happy I am that that task is over!

Oh, here’s a tip, when talking to your mother, it’s best not to utter the words, “I don’t care what they bridesmaids wear!” It will not go over well. Seriously. You might get yelled at. I did.



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