March 21, 2010

On decisions and ineptitudes

Posted in Boudoir, Photography at 10:27 am by Andrea

The other day I mentioned that I’d gone ahead and chosen a photographer to take my boudoir pics. Since then, I’ve sent in the contract and my deposit…I think that means there’s no turning back now!

After seeing their gorgeous photos and feeling confident in their ability to make even me look sexy, I booked The Last Forty Percent Photography to take my b-pics.

Okay, so seriously, I am a total dweeb in front of the camera. I don’t know how to do anything other than smile. and I have the world’s least pouty lips. So, although my shoot isn’t until late June, I’ve decided I should start practicing now. I need to take Remedial Photo Posing 101. I’m not even joking.

Here are some of the tips I’ve compiled to date:

  • Nobody’s arms look pretty and their thinnest when pressed against one’s side. Bend your arms slightly to keep them away from your body, or put your hands on your hips.
  • Rest most of your weight on one foot. This makes poses look less like poses, more like real life and, most importantly, has a slimming effect.
  • Stick your chest and bum out. Other than just showing off your assets, this will also put a sexy curve in your back and help flatten your tummy.
  • Create shapes and angles with your body — especially triangles.
  • Don’t wear a bra/underwear before your shoot, as they will leave lines on your skin.
  • Make sure you’ve waxed, shaved or otherwise removed facial and body hair, which can be very distracting in photos.
  • Wine. That is all.
  • Relax!
  • And, I think this one is obvious, but you’re going to want to whip out your best Blue Steel or, if you’re feeling really daring, Le Tigre.


I would be remiss in this post if I weren’t to provide you with some more drool-worthy examples of The Last Forty Percent’s work.Source





I have until June 23 to get my pose on and perfect my “smeyes”. Surely a liberal dollop of Photoshop will have me well on my way to sexy.

I’m desperate for photo posing tips…so if you have experience in this area or are just innately fierce, do let me in on your secret!



  1. Desiree said,

    wow, these are very pretty. I wish I had those bodies.. gahh

  2. Andrea said,

    Me too! Thank goodness for Photoshop 🙂

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