March 24, 2010

What’s in a date?

Posted in General wedding, Planning at 9:47 am by Andrea

We knew we wanted to get married in the fall. In fact, moments after proposing The Guy told me that he thought we should have a fall wedding (he also thrust a whole bunch of diamond-related information and a GIA report in my lap, which I told him, through tears, that I really couldn’t process at that exact moment!). His logic? “If I’m wearing a tux I don’t want to be sweating the whole time.” Leave it to guys to think pragmatically. I, on the other hand, was thinking about the pretty leaves, I mean, obviously, right?

So, the fall it was.

There was really only one venue we were truly interested in that could actually accommodate the 200-ish people we anticipated would be there. They only had a couple dates available for fall 2010: Canadian Thanksgiving (the weekend of October 9) or October 23. We didn’t want to cut into anyone’s turkey eating, so we chose the latter. Done.

While we were still mulling over the available dates, I had a phone conversation with my mum that went something like this (have you gotten the idea yet that my mum and I have a lot of phone conversations?):

Mum: So when I flipped the calendar to October 2010 I was praying October 23 wasn’t a Saturday. But it is.

Andrea: So? What’s the big deal with October 23?

Mum: That’s the day your father and I got married. [They divorced when I was a baby]

Andrea: Oh. Crap. *laughter*

Mum: *laughter* Are you sure you want to get married that day?

Andrea: *thinking* Well, 23 has actually been a good number for The Guy and me. We met when I was 23. The home we built together has 23 in its address. I think we’re okay with it. We’re going to turn it into a good day.

Mum: Okay, but don’t tell your father. He may not think it’s a funny as we do.

My father actually figured it out for himself. And he did find it rather hilarious. He suggested that he and my mum could have an anniversary dance in celebration of what would have been their 39th wedding anniversary!

So, we ran with it and we’re getting married on October 23 (seven months from yesterday!). We decided to not get caught up in superstition, but rather to make the date one that has special meaning for us, regardless of what it means for anyone else in our family.

Does your wedding date have any significance to you or your family?


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