April 5, 2010

Photos fit for foodies

Posted in Photography at 11:08 am by Andrea

Who doesn’t love a little alliteration?!

Last week I had the pleasure of finally having a face-to-face meeting with our photographer Krista. We’d been emailing back and forth since October, but this was our first “real life” meeting. It was great to finally connect, share some ideas and get to look at some of the beautiful albums Krista has produced for her brides.

Possibly the most exciting news from our meeting? We’ve finally set a date for our engagement photos! We’ll be getting all posey and model-esque on Saturday, May 8 and I’m pretty pumped.

We want our engagement shoot to be reflective of us and our interests. The biggest thing we have in common is food. We cook together, we shop together, we read way too many cookbooks together and, of course, we eat together. It’s just what we do and how we bond, so I wanted to make sure we could incorporate that aspect of our relationship into our photos. Our plan at the moment is to take our photos at the Saturday farmer’s market.

With that concept in mind, I started collecting some delicious food-centric inspiration shots.







I can’t wait to get out there and create our own foodie engagement photos. I have just over a month to put together the perfect outfit!

Are you incorporating any shared interests into your engagement photos or wedding planning in general?


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