April 19, 2010

And life is like a song

Posted in Planning, Reception at 9:37 am by Andrea


Awhile ago, The Guy and I reached a compromise wherein I got to include the “Blessing of the Hands” in our ceremony so long as he got to choose our first dance song. I have to say, in all honesty, that relinquishing any control over the first dance song was actually strangely liberating. I felt that, regardless of what The Guy chose, no matter how un-slow the tempo and inappropriate the subject matter (he seemed to have a thing for songs about death), it would be good because it would be ours. Even if it was all wrong, it would at least make me laugh. And if it was right then, well, it would probably make me cry – the good kind of tears.

And right it is. So very right.

The plan was for the chosen song to be kept a secret until we stepped onto the dance floor on the big day. But on Saturday we were driving home from Toronto, having chosen our formal china and me having picked up my dress (more on that later), feeling blissfully wedding-y and The Guy mentioned that he’d chosen the song. I knew he’d been thinking about it, as last week I came home and found he had his iTunes open, and my iPod on our docking station. Evidently, he’d been working feverishly to find the right song.

Our conversation on Saturday went something like this:

The Guy: You’re going to like the song I chose. I did a good job.

Me: I’m sure I will. It will be a wonderful surprise on the day of the wedding. Is it one of the songs that you’d mentioned before?

The Guy: No. I chose an older song.

Me: *smiling* That’s good. We should have something classic, that’s our style.

The Guy: I can tell you what it is.

Me: No, you don’t have to. I like surprises.

The Guy: No, it’s okay. It’s “At Last” by Etta James.

Me: *welling up*

Now, I know that At Last has become a bit of a first dance standard these last couple years. But The Guy doesn’t know that. He doesn’t read wedding blogs or participate in online wedding planning communities. All he knows is that this is a classic song about two people finding their counterparts. About life being better with that person around. Colours brighter. Music more joyful. The happy days happier. The sad days more hopeful. A dream that I can call my own.

And when he hears those lyrics he thinks of me, of us. That is perfect. And that is all that matters.


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  1. bluebutterfly10 said,

    Aww how sweet….we just finished our first dance song search…it took a while, but the song we found is perfect. I love Etta James and that song is so beautiful…it will be a great memory every time you hear it 🙂

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